Best Fogless Shower Mirrors 2017

fogless shower mirror
Waking up to a pleasurable shaving experience can only be guaranteed when you have best fogless shower mirror.

At dawn, brisk exercises, all sweaty and off to have a warm bath. Now, it’s time to shave, but no, your mirror is steamed up and all foggy! You literally have to keep wiping the fog off your mirror while you shave. Or haven’t you?

A fogless mirror helps give you a clean shave without the mirror blurring out due to fog or steam from a warm bath. Here is where a list of Top 7 Best Fogless Shower Mirrors 2017 is going to help you.

Besides, there are some proven benefits of shaving in the shower. First, the steam and warmth do a lot to help open up your pores. The steam also helps ensure a better and cleaner shaving experience. It gets you all fired up, feeling confident to face your day.

Top 7 Best Fogless Shower Mirrors 2017

 Product NameWeightFeatures 
1Fogless shower mirror by ToiletTree13.4 ounces* durable
* secure from falling with silver frames
2JiBen Fogless Shower Mirror6.4 ounces* 360 degree rotational
* adjustable arm with power suction cup
3No Fog Shower Mirror10.1 ounces* adjustable, rotating & locking suction
4Deluxe Shave Well5 ounces* easy to install
* 33% larger
5Deluxe LED Fogless Mirror with Squeegee1.45 ounces* illuminated by led light
* 20% larger
6ReflectXL Shower Mirror4 ounces* large, shadow-less, shatterproof
* with hook and rope
7Fog Free 3X Shower Mirror1.3 ounces* locking suction mount
* Ball Joint Swivel

1. Fogless Shower Mirror by ToiletTree

Fogless Shower Mirror by ToiletTree

The Fogless Shower Mirror by ToiletTree comes with the Toilet Tree brand name boldly inscribed in front offers you one of the best fogless shower mirrors ever.

It is a rectangular shaped, silver panel design with a stand for your razor and other accessories. To get the best of experience with this product, you fill the bracket at the rear with hot water. With the help of the squeegee, you can clean off excess water from the mirror and then enjoy a fog free mirror usage experience.

Its black and silver frame has an additional shelf for keeping razors and other tools for a clean shave. The shelf makes your razors and more always handy.

  • Made of high-quality acrylic, polyester materials and more
  • A durable, reliable product
  • Stays attached to the wall for years once mounted
  • Comes with removable silicone
  • No chance of rust, discolor or damage to bathroom walls
  • No need for suction cups anymore
  • Prime product with Amazon 30-day return policy
  • Great customer support and response always
  • Easy to follow instructions for installation
  • Always clean as instructed with the squeegee to keep the mirror clear always
  • No damage to bathroom walls means maintaining bathroom aesthetics
  • Careful about some product defects, loose hinge/brackets
  • It’s made of plastic all the way, besides the mirror
  • The adhesive holds strong that it could be a problem to remove when the need arises
  • Since it is all-plastic, multi drops could result in cracks and poor performance if not mounted

2. JiBen Fogless Shower Mirror

JiBen Fogless Shower Mirror

JiBen Fogless Shower Mirror comes with Power Locking Suction cup to keep it firmly in place. This modern collection offers users a delightful shaving experience in the shower.

JiBen Fogless Shower Mirror is designed with a built-in razor to stand in front of the frame to hold accessories and tools for shaving.

It is a guaranteed 100% fog free shower mirror with a swivel, 360° rotational and adjustable arm. It also offers you a 5.75 diameter screen, big enough to give you a good view while shaving. That is also a great product for ladies in need of facial cleansing and to exfoliate in the shower.

JiBen Fogless Shower Mirror is composed of high-quality plastic. The shower mirror is treated using Anti-fogging chemicals that help ensure it remains fogless always.

  • Hassle-free product that allows you walk into your bathroom splash warm water once and start shaving in seconds
  • It is quite easy to mount on surfaces with the aid of the power locking suction cup
  • Easy to lock and unlock, clockwise and counter clockwise
  • Adjustable arm makes for easy viewing from any angle
  • It is quite easy to clean, only splash hot water or soapy water after every shower
  • Razor holder frame in front provides added advantage
  • Does not need to warm up or use a squeegee to keep clear
  • It comes with an easy-to-read instructional manual for best results
  • Not likely to hold on these surfaces: stucco, drywall, wallpaper and grout
  • The suction cup can only work on flat surfaces
  • Suction cup falls off if not handled properly
  • The razor holder is quite narrow, making the blade fall off occasionally
  • Razor holder can only hold small objects

3. No Fog Shower Mirror

No Fog Shower Mirror

The No Fog Shower Mirror is a must have by Upper West Collection. It could serve as an excellent gift for your loved one and friends.

This highly rated product comes with a lot of features that stand it out from the pack. The No fog shower mirror is indeed one of the best shower mirrors.

It comes with a locking suction and an adjustable 360 arm for easy movement during a shave. It also comes with a bonus separate razor holder to keep items for a smooth shave.

The No Fog mirror has a 6.5 inches diameter screen, wide enough to see your reflections while having a shave.

  • Being made of hi-tech materials guarantee it is fog free; meaning no need to rinse often while in the shower
  • There is no need for fog free spray anymore
  • A product comes with a bonus – separate razor holder
  • Easy to maintain, by splashing hot or soapy water on the surface to keep clear always
  • Easy to mount on flat surfaces such as ceramic, acrylic, porcelain, fiberglass, marble, etc.
  • 100% Money-back-guarantee for poor fit to walls
  • Its 360° adjustable arm allows for the avoidance of fog at the back. Steam causes the fog and to eliminate, just adjust from the wall
  • Being adjustable means no worries about adhesives or inability to re-focus or reposition at will
  • This product cannot stick to drywall, stuccos surfaces, and other travertine stones
  • Might need silicone adhesive to secure properly

4. Deluxe Shave Well

Deluxe Shave Well

The Shave Well’s Deluxe shave well fog free shower mirror offers a unique design to ensure a great shaving experience in the shower.

It offers a no suction cup product that frees user of all the worries of a suction cup. Suction cups are known to fall off a wall and need fixing.

Deluxe Shave well shower mirror guarantees you a fog free shaving experience. It is made possible by ensuring the mirror shares the same temperature with the shower environment. To get a fogless reflex, just put the mirror under the shower for a few seconds, so the temperature helps for a fog-free reflection.

The excellent customer ratings and reviews are only a statement as to how much satisfaction one purchase offers.

You get a 33% larger size, more value for your purchase. It means larger size for a better view at 6.83” by 5.25” and a greater shaving experience with a fogless mirror.

The hook helps keep it in place in the bathroom. Due to the lightness of the product, it is easy to install in a particular location in your shower. The hook makes it portable. It also can serve as a travel companion if the need arises.

  • It provides a fog-free shower mirror experience made better by the ability to attract the right amount of light
  • No need for a suction cup
  • Comfortable to clean mirror surface – just wet the mirror
  • You can use pea-sized quantity of toothpaste to remove spots from the mirror
  • Adhesive hook at the top is a brilliant idea
  • Great customer support
  • It could serve as a good travel companion been portable
  • Edges of the mirror sometimes suffer from wear and tear due to user handling
  • Cracks could occur due to multiple drops if not installed permanently

5. Deluxe LED Fogless Mirror with Squeegee by ToiletTree

Deluxe LED Fogless Mirror with Squeegee by ToiletTree

The Deluxe Led Fogless mirror is another plus from the ToiletTree products fully branded and inscribed on the front of the frame.

The Deluxe led fogless offer you a 20% larger size than normal. With dimensions set at 9.5″ x 7.5″ x 1.5″ that means more space for better screen view.

Its innovative LED light helps to create illumination in the shower, so no fears of a dimly lighted environment. The deluxe fogless shower mirror offers a rectangular shaped fogless mirror. At the rear, it is equipped with a water chamber or bracket to keep the mirror fogless always.

The installed squeegee is perfect in helping to remove excess water from the shower mirror. For best results, slide the bracket at the back of the Deluxe LED mirror and fill with hot water. It helps to keep the mirror fogless and the same as your shower temperature, avoiding condensation.

It also works well for ladies who need to get a facial masques, scrub or makeup.

  • It’s a great innovation with LED light capabilities
  • No need to use fog free sprays with this mirror
  • No more suction cups falling off the wall
  • No more damages to shower walls or tiles when trying to fit other products to walls
  • With high quality removal silicone adhesive no more worries about falls
  • Made of high-quality acrylic material, guarantees fog free and bright screen views
  • It’s shatterproof
  • Front shelf at the base allows for razor and other accessories to stay in view
  • Customer support is great
  • Cannot get a fogless experience without hot water in the bracket
  • If relocating, you need a refill adhesive
  • Some product defects do occur; poor LED light and glue, etc.
  • Adhesives and glue can disfigure walls
  • It’s not so easy to make adjustments once mounted

6. ReflectXL Shower Mirror

ReflectXL Shower Mirror

The ReflectXL Shower Mirror offers an innovative technology by Mirror on a Rope. As it implies, it is a reflective mirror with a green rear that shows your reflection in front.

Its removable adhesive hook and an adjustable rope enable a user to easily position the mirror in a suitable location for a great shaving experience.

The hook and adjustable rope make it possible to tilt the mirror to whatever direction while shaving. It helps eliminate the shadows from the mirror.

The rear of the mirror offers a scratch resistant print that helps keep mirror appearing better in front.

You can simply walk into the shower with the ReflectXL hung around your neck, ready for a shave. Since it is so light the ReflectXL can’t be so much of a burden. To establish a fogless state, allow warm water flow on the surface of the mirror for a few seconds.

Then you can face the direction of the ray of light into the shower to commence shaving. The hook and ropes are perfect, for a need to place the ReflectXL on a surface.

  • It is the biggest of 3 products: extra-large size
  • A fog free guaranteed product that is based on bringing mirror to bathroom temperature
  • It’s a true to shatterproof type product made from durable acrylic material
  • The laminated, green print rear helps for better reflection and ensure fogless front side
  • The hook and rope offers flexible adjustments
  • Flexible adjustments ensure more light on the mirror
  • No need for anti-fogging sprays, locking suction cups or damage to bathroom walls
  • Easy to understand instructions for usage
  • Minimal use of adhesives or glue
  • Could also be used to shave head, using an additional mirror for more reflections
  • Not suitable as a travel companion, better to go for the ReflectX or ReflextXD when traveling
  • Not so strong or anti-shock capabilities, so if it drops it won’t look nice

7. Fog Free 3X Shower Mirror

Fog Free 3X Shower Mirror

Of all shower mirrors of unique capabilities, the Fog Free 3X shower mirror is the first to make explicit reference to its 2-in-1 concept of a Shower mirror and makeup mirror. So, ladies and gentlemen, you got your product ready for purchase.

The Fog free 3X shower and makeup mirror is a recent innovation in the Home, Beauty and Personal care category. It could, in essence, be referred to as a unisex product, catering for both shaving and makeup needs.

Its 5.75 diameter screen view makes it possible to get a good enough view of your face while in the shower. The Ball joint swivel helps ensure you get whatever angle you desire. While in the shower, you can tilt the mirror to the extent you want.

Another great feature is the ability to use the Fog-Free mirror outside the bathroom area. The Ball Joint Swivel helps ensure it can mount properly even outside the shower, in the open. So, it is possible to do a makeup just anywhere you desire.

The Locking suction cup makes easy mounting on smooth surfaces, tiles, ceramics, and marble possible.

  • A polycarbonate fog free shower mirror
  • Locking sucking cup works well on most flat surfaces
  • The suction cup is easy to mount and remove
  • Pull tab at the base of suction cup allows for easy removal
  • No adhesives or anti-fogging spray
  • The mirror does not project out too much from the wall so, no obstruction while in the shower
  • 3X magnification works great
  • Best for smooth walls, tiles, etc.
  • Money back guaranteed if product does not fit well to bathroom walls
  • If your shower wall surface is not smooth but textured, then you might not find this an excellent purchase option

How to Get the Best from a Fog Free Shower Mirror?

You wake up in the morning, all pressed for time. Next, you hurriedly need to get a shave, a quick bath and then zap, off to work! No time to add a fogging up mirror to your list of worries. Hence, you settled for a fogless mirror at first! But what you get is a fogged up mirror!

There are several factors militate against a pleasurable and fog free shaving experience. It is sometimes not an issue of not having the best shower mirror. Sometimes, it is not so much as your purchase but how well you can help keep your purchase fog free.

Every product, or better to say, a lot of goods come with a user manual. It gives instructions on how to install and get the best from your product usage. Reading the user manual could be a challenge for some persons. Reading and following the instructions on a user manual every time is very important.

5 tips that could help for a pleasurable and Fog Free Shaving experience

  1. Always make use of instructional manual before installing or deciding where to install shower mirror to get the best usage.
  2. Not all product fits well on all walls, so confirm your wall features and that of the product before purchase. Most fog free mirrors work best for smooth walls. But other fogless shower mirrors could be hand held or stay on a hook.
  3. Though, some manufacturers do offer refund or money back guarantee in the case of a misfit. Always do your due diligence. You stand to lose some, in the event of a defective purchase. Don’t forget time wastage, the cost of returning a defective product and more.
  4. Most fog free shower mirrors require hot or warm water on mirror surface for a few seconds to be fog free. It is a fundamental scientific discovery on condensation. Maintaining similar temperature between an object and its immediate environment can help ensure they both stay at similar or the same temperature.
  5. To get a clear view or a fogless mirror experience while shaving, you could clean the mirror with warm, soapy water. To remove spots on a mirror surface, a pea-sized portion of toothpaste on the spot would do just fine.

7 Things to note before purchasing a Fog-free Shower Mirror

  • Understand your needs first before deciding what to buy.
  • Compare product pricing, features, reviews and ratings to guide your purchase.
  • Do you have ample space to keep the mirror mounted, or it needs a continuous movement?
  • How often would you be in need of a shave?
  • How much light comes into your shower area?
  • How careful or carefree are you? You do want a durable shower mirror, don’t you?
  • Check out the company’s customer support response before purchase.

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