Best Knife Sets & Kitchen Knives 2017

kitchen knife sets & knives
Have you ever considered how much impact a knife set can have on your culinary skills? How about how much it could revolutionize your kitchen experience? Well, I think it’s time to think about this for a change. And this is where Top 10 Best Knife Sets 2017 will serve better than anything else.

Once you set out to purchase a knife set, two things are paramount for regular users. First is a tool that helps make your work a lot easier. The second is a tool that offers the level of sharpness, ease of cutting, dicing, slicing and more. You also need to consider the firmness of the handle, so there are no slips while at it.

Whichever category you belong to, there could be nothing as exciting as a functional kitchen in a home. There can be no functional kitchen without the right tools. One of the most appropriate means for setting your kitchen ablaze is having the best kitchen knives for usage.

Top 10 Best Knife Sets 2017

 Knife Set NameWeightSet/ PieceFeatures 
1Chicago Cutlery Fusion Forged14.6 pounds18High-carbon stainless steel blades
Black comfort grip poly handles
2Cuisinart Stainless Steel Hollow Handle8.1 pounds15High carbon stainless steel blades
Ergonomically designed handle
3Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel4 pounds6Conservative blade thickness
Solid one-piece stainless steel
4Mercer Culinary Renaissance8.5 pounds6One-piece forged construction
Taper-ground edge
5Cuisinart Graphix Collection9.7 pounds15Ergonomically designed handle
Stainless steel blade
6Utopia Kitchen Premium Class4.3 pounds12420-grade stainless steel blades
Conservative blade thickness
714 Pc Stainless Steel Kitchen Cutlery5.1 pounds14Classic lightweight knives
Tapered handles
8Chicago Cutlery Belmont9.2 pounds16Stainless steel blades
Polymer handles
9AmazonBasics5.5 pounds14High-carbon stainless steel blades
Triple-rivet POM handles
10Knife Set with Wooden Block4.2 pounds13420-grade stainless steel blades
Polypropylene plastic handles

1. Chicago Cutlery Fusion Forged 18-Piece Knife Set

Chicago Cutlery Fusion Forged 18-Piece Knife Set

The Chicago Cutlery Fusion forged knife set is just the perfect item to make your cooking experience a complete one. It offers a well-crafted combination of stainless steel forged knives for various kitchen needs.

The Chicago Cutlery set could best be referred to as the best knife set 2017. It is composed of 9 items that sure makes you a pro in kitchen affairs. Articles in the kitchen set include:

  • Peeling knife – 3″
  • Utility Knife – 5″
  • Chef Knife – 7.75″
  • A slicer – 8″
  • Bread Knife – 7.75″
  • Partoku Knife – 5″
  • Santoku Knife – 7″
  • Paring Knife – 3.25″
  • 8 pieces Steak Knives – 4.25″
  • Sharpening Steel – 8″
  • Stained pine wood block

This stainless steel cutlery set is surely the best knife set under 100 USD. It comes in a unique design, solid black handle that allows for proper grip. The blade comes with such precision and sharpness to fit your knife need anytime.

  • Unique features, knives, and packaging
  • A lifetime warranty shows a significant amount of trust in the offering
  • High-quality product made from the best technology to ensure sharpness of blade always
  • Easy to re-sharpen
  • The high-carbon stainless steel blade remains rust-free
  • Best knife block set for kitchen needs
  • Some products suffer from defective issues, such as handle coming off
  • User handling is important as the handle could break due to multiple falls

2. Cuisinart 15-Piece Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Set

Cuisinart 15-Piece Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Set

The Cuisinart 15-piece stainless steel block knife set offers one of the best budget knife set for your culinary needs. It comes in a variety of 15 pieces for your kitchen needs.

It offers high-quality steel that ensures the blade remains sharp always achieving precision in cutting. The stainless steel handle helps for a firm grip while cutting, reducing the chance of a slip.

It’s an innovative design that offers a wider variety of knives with the inclusion of the kitchen scissors. This best seller on Amazon has some of the best knife set reviews made by purchasers.

Each knife is carefully designed to provide users with an unforgettable experience every time in the kitchen. The blades are carefully built to withstand regular culinary activities while remaining stainless always.

  • The set comes with 6 pieces of a 4.5″ steak knives. It’s uniquely crafted hot forged table knife gives a treat during meals
  • The use of ergonomically stainless steel handle takes care of plastic handle breaking when dropped
  • Lifetime warranty on this purchase anytime
  • The block ensures proper usage and safekeeping of the entire cutlery set
  • Different blades design provides a variety of choices cutting
  • Easy to clean
  • Superior high carbon steel keeps blade rust-free
  • Not all pieces are useful to everyone
  • Some knives begin to show signs of rust mostly if left wet
  • The serrated edges of the bread knife do not allow for a clean cutting of bread

3. Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel 6 Piece Knife Set

Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel 6 Piece Knife Set

The Utopian Kitchen stainless steel offers 5 exquisitely designed knives and an acrylic stand for keeping the knives safe. The Utopian kitchen knife is a high-quality 420-grade stainless steel.

With a 2.5mm blade thickness well fabricated, it helps ensure sharpness of the blade always. Each knife comes in a unique design for a particular kitchen use. It is one reason you are sure of a great kitchen experience.

Whether for personal or commercial use, the Utopian Kitchen has at least one or all the variety of knives you can ever need.

Each Utopian kitchen knife stands as a single piece. The blade and the handle are forged in a single piece, eliminating any case of the knife’s handle falling off.

The 5 set is composed of:

  • Chef Knife – 8″
  • Bread Knife – 8″
  • Carving Knife – 8″
  • Utility Knife – 5″
  • Paring Knife – 3.5″
  • An acrylic stand

To maintain knife’s stainless steel nature and avoid rust it’s best to wash knife wash by hand and not use a dishwasher. Always dry with a napkin and place on the acrylic stand afterward to avoid rust.

  • Its 420-grade stainless steel makes it both tarnish and rust-free
  • Definitely one of the best affordable knife set at a price under $100
  • Excellent as a gift item
  • Its ergonomic handle design ensures a firm grip while cutting
  • Since the knife is a single piece; it’s easy to clean without food particles getting stocked between handle
  • It is quite easy to grip even without a plastic handle
  • There are complaints about rust on the blade surface. It could be taken care of with proper handling though
  • Maybe due to manufacturing issue product defects do occur, such as a broken knife

4. Mercer Culinary Renaissance 6-Piece Knife Set

Mercer Culinary Renaissance 6-Piece Knife Set

The Mercer Culinary Renaissance offers a high-grade stainless steel knife of the finest quality. Boldly inscribed on it: High Carbon No Stain German Steel Mercer with logo. You can see your reflection on the flat surface of the knife.

The Mercer Culinary knife is German made knife X50 Cr Mo V15 steel designed to be rust-free, avoid any form of paleness overtime.

With a single purchase, you get one of the best knife set under 200 USD. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Mercer Knife set comes in a set of 5 knives and a Wood Block with Tempered glass or a Tempered Glass Block. All choices come with a different price. A look at the whole built of the knife stands it out one of the best kitchen knife set.

The set contains:

  • Paring Knife – 3 ½”
  • Utility Knife – 5″
  • Chef Knife – 8″
  • Bread Knife – 8″
  • Boning Knife – 8″
  • Knife Block
  • Knives are quite excellent and sharp, can cut through food items quickly
  • Very easy to keep the set clean
  • The German steel offers high blade precision
  • The ergonometric handle is triple riveted with a full tang and a 15º taper-ground edge
  • Knife handles are not as great as expected due to some defects
  • Based on user experience, you might require sharpening more often to keep blades efficient
  • Using abrasive sponge or pressure could spoil the finishing on the knife
  • It has a smaller handle

5. Cuisinart 15-Piece Graphix Collection Knife Set

Cuisinart 15-Piece Graphix Collection Knife Set

The Cuisinart 15-piece knife set is another plus from the Cuisinart Company. Cuisinart 15 Piece Graphic collection offers one of the best budget knife set but of high quality.

As always, a set of Cuisinart knife creates just the needed touch to bring your culinary skills to life. The high-quality stainless steel blade cuts with precision; you never have a dull cooking experience anytime.

As part of the Cuisinart, 15-piece block set and Graphix collection include:

  • Chef Knife – 8″
  • Slicing Knife – 8″
  • Santoku Knife – 7″
  • Serrated Utility Knife – 5.5″
  • Paring Knife – 3.5″
  • Bird’s Beak Paring Knife – 2.75″
  • Sharpening Steel – 8″
  • Household Shears for any need
  • 6 pieces Steak Knives – 4.5″
  • Knife Block

The handle is designed ergonomically with a textured surface for comfortable control. The choice of a stainless steel handle with unique designs is to give firmness while maneuvering in the kitchen. It’s ergonomically designed using some of the best technological tools to ensure it lasts much longer and not break or slip easily.

Cuisinart’s choice of a lifetime warranty is because of the assurance that the purchase can deliver on their promise for life.

  • It can serve as a commercial or home use culinary set
  • Best affordable knife set
  • Quite sharp, cuts with precision
  • Quite enjoyable if used according to the user instructions
  • The blade does lack durability in remaining a stainless steel for so long
  • It’s bound to rust if left wet
  • The steak knife is not serrated as shown
  • Some of the knives are small to hold

6. Utopia Kitchen Premium Class 12 Knife Set

Utopia Kitchen Premium Class 12 Knife Set

The Utopia Kitchen Premium class 12 knife set offers one of the best kitchen knives 2017. It also doubles as one of the best affordable knife offering great value at such a price.

With careful research into some of the problems with kitchen knives, the Utopia offers this solution to your cooking needs. It suits the occasion: commercial or home use. It fits your budget, great kitchen knife under 100 USD. It offers high quality – 420-grade stainless steel blade.

Its 2.5mm blade thickness is well calculated to cut with the needed precision. With such variety, you do not miss anything when it’s time to cut through any food item. Your kitchen experience is just about to enter an all new level!

Caution: Hand-wash remains the best option. Wash and dry with a napkin. No dishwasher.

  • No more issues with falling handles; a single piece knife
  • Handles hold firmly, so no slips while at work
  • Lifetime warranty with a purchase
  • No blunt edge, only sharpness, and a firm gripping handle
  • The acrylic stand helps for safe keeping after a wash and comes as an aesthetic addition to any kitchen
  • The metal parts of the acrylic stand are chrome covered plastic, could break with time

7. 14 Pc Stainless Steel kitchen Cutlery Knife Set

14 Pc Stainless Steel kitchen Cutlery Knife Set

The Stone Boomer knife set is a unique blend of 14-piece stainless steel knife set that guarantees your kitchen comes alive again. If you have no culinary experience, then you are on your way to becoming one. If you are a chef or a Pro in the kitchen, then it’s time to be on top your game!

It’s a 13-piece knife block set with an acrylic stand. The block set offers more value for the money. Each knife is intended to leave nothing lacking in the culinary experience. With an 8″ chef, 8″ bread, 8″ carving, 5″ utility & 3½” paring knives you can have a great meal prepared even for a large guest.

That’s not all: 6 – 4½” steak knives, 8″ kitchen scissors, 8″ sharpener and an acrylic block stand. Surely one of the best affordable knife set you can get.

  • High quality 430 stainless steel guarantees blade remains sharp and sturdy
  • Complies with FDA, LFGB, SGS regulations for both home and commercial use
  • High-grade metal, no rust or paleness
  • A single piece knife, both handle and blade
  • No problem plastic, glassware, wooden or ceramic handles breaking in the case of a fall
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Light-weighted with excellent handle for good grip while dicing, slicing, cutting and more
  • The acrylic knife block set helps promote comfort, safety, and aesthetic value in mind
  • The knife sharpener helps keep the blades sharp always
  • Not suitable for under a cabinet. Difficulty in removing knives when needed
  • Scissors are best for opening packages and lighter use

8. Chicago Cutlery Belmont 16-Piece Knife Set

Chicago Cutlery Belmont 16-Piece Knife Set

The Chicago Cutlery Belmont forged block knife set offers 16 pieces of culinary magic that can spark off a revolution in your kitchen. It comes with everything needed to ensure your cutting, dicing, slicing when preparing meals.

Enjoy a hi-tech knife usage experience. Each forged blade delivers with precision and the needed sharpness. Since the knife is a stainless steel blade with polymer handle it cuts with ease, no jerking or knife falling off.

The lifetime warranty is Chicago Cutlery’s way to assure it’s high-quality offering at an affordable price.

The espresso wood block offers a safe place to keep the knife, a beautiful addition to your kitchen and comfort to your cooking experience. The entire blade, handle and block set looks nice. The handle feels comfortable to hold.

  • Price fits perfectly into strict budget
  • Its taper-edge grind steel blade helps ensure durability and sharpness always
  • The sharpening steel takes care of any form of dullness of the blade
  • It comes complete, so your cooking experience can go hassle-free
  • Taper edge steel blades ensure knife remains anti-rust, anti-stain and edges do not become blunt fast
  • Hand-wash for best results
  • Not a stain-proof knife but stainless
  • Most complaints have to do with a broken knife handle, maybe due to manufacturing defects or poor user handling

9. AmazonBasics 14-Piece Knife Set

AmazonBasics 14-Piece Knife Set

Amazon’s Basics 14-piece knife set offers one of the finest and arguably one of the best block knife set. This 14-piece basic knife composition is designed to help you fulfill every wish were a culinary skill is concerned.

The Amazon Basics block knife set has one of everything you would wish for in a knife set be it home or commercial use. Whatever the purpose, with the Amazon Basics you are guaranteed variety of knives.

Made from high-quality stainless steel blade, what you get is a sharp edge, be it knife or scissors. The Amazon Basics 14-piece block set is composed of:

  • Slicing Knife – 8″
  • Bread Knife – 8″
  • Chef Knife – 8″
  • Utility Knife – 5.5″
  • Peeling Knife – 3.5″
  • Scissors
  • 6 pieces of 4.5″ steak knives
  • Kitchen shears
  • Sharpener
  • Pine wood block

At the current price, the Amazon Basics stands as the best affordable knife set. The offer fits even the smallest budget you can ever have for a block knife set.

  • Best budget knife set
  • A good way to start your kitchen experience, with a variety of choices
  • The triple-rivet POM handle increases firmness and grip, reducing the risk of accidents while cutting, dicing or slicing
  • The wooden block improves safety, comfort and helps manage space in your kitchen while cooking
  • The choice of pine wood block is also to add more aesthetic value to your kitchen
  • The block does not take up much kitchen space
  • Knives tend to require sharpening occasionally
  • It’s a stainless steel knife, not a stain-proof knife
  • Develops spots and rust if not used as instructed

10. Knife Set with Wooden Block 13 Piece

Knife Set with Wooden Block 13 Piece

Utopia, known for manufacturing some of the best block knife set this time considers small budget knives to meet a variety of needs. The 13-piece wooden block knife set, though amongst the best affordable knife set is still in line with its tradition.

A tradition of exceptional craftsmanship and aesthetics using high-quality materials for manufacturing knives is what this offer brings. 13-piece knife sets made from a 420-grade stainless steel blade just like the other from Utopia and you enjoy sharpness with precision.

With so much emphasis on the nature and quality of materials for designing the knife’s handle, you enjoy nothing less than a firm and comfortable grip while cutting, slicing or dicing.

The rubber wood block helps for proper organization of knives and kitchen area, so you don’t miss anything when cooking.

  • The handle’s ability to absorb moisture makes it possible to maintain a steady grip while cutting
  • Hand-wash instead of using dishwasher remains the best way to ensure quality knives set always
  • Great as a start-up knife for both home and commercial use
  • Relatively great product considering the price
  • Set does not come with a knife sharpener in case knife becomes blunt
  • Blade thickness of 1.2mm – 1.5mm is thinner than other block knife sets
  • Not dishwasher friendly
  • Not a very durable product in the long-run
  • Not a great product for a professional culinary experience

A Guide to Different Types of Knife for Promoting your Culinary Skills

If you are within the hospitality industry or run a restaurant, then no need for much explanation on the importance of knives in improving your culinary skills. But if you are a newbie, a young homemaker or start-up or a culinary student then you can appreciate better the importance of knives and their uses.

When I started out cooking, I did not see what the fuzz was about knives or the need for several sets of knives. For me, as long as it cuts through whatever I need I am fine! Well, I was wrong. Getting the best out of your kitchen experience requires more than just owning a single knife for all your culinary needs. There are far more types of knives than you can ever name, know or use in a lifetime due to innovation. However, here are some of the essential knives that should keep you above the average user.

Primary Categories

Paring Knife

The paring knife is part of what is known as ‘The Big Four’. The paring knives are usually small with a short blade. They commonly have shapes like a pointed tip, curves, and spear. Paring knife usually comes in lengths of 2-1/2 to about for 4 inches.

Different types of paring knives and the sizes: Bird’s Beak Paring Knife – 2-3/4″. It is best for peeling fruits using the tip of the blade. Santoku-Style paring knife – 3″. Gourmet Paring Knife – 3″.


  • It usually has smaller blades and long handles for easy grip
  • The paring knife is best suitable for cutting or slicing fruits and vegetables
  • Great tool for light food items
  • The knives are too small to be used as a general purpose knife


Boning Knife

The boning knife is one of ‘The big four’. The essence of the boning knife is to separate completely and with ease the flesh from the bone. It’s usually between 4″ to 8″ in length and slightly curved.

The boning knife requires a lot of flexibility and sharpness to be effective. It could serve for boning both raw and roasted beef, poultry meat and others. Others include butterfly port or lamb chops.

Deboning is a unique culinary process that involves removing the bones from the meat.


  • It’s very appropriate for events and a special meal
  • It could also fit into special home-made dinners and activities
  • It puts you completely in charge of your meals
  • Limited usage and only useful to those with culinary interest
  • Quite small


Chef Knife

The Chef’s knife is another one of “The Big Four” and usually about 6″ to 14″ inches long. It’s a great knife used by professionals for slicing, dicing and chopping food items. The chef knife has curves with a sharp tip for easy cutting. You could call it a general purpose knife as well, though a special one.

You could achieve this by placing the knife on the chopping board in rapid up-and-down motion while slicing or dicing.


  • It is perfect for mincing your vegetables, chili peppers, onions
  • It is beneficial for carving roasted meat and cutting raw beef as well
  • The Chef knife is the Chef’s best friend anytime and must be kept sharp always for effectiveness
  • An all-purpose knife
  • Needs to be handled with care
  • The knife’s handle is not so excellent regarding grip or firmness


Filleting Knife

Filleting knife is most suitable when dealing with tender and delicate fish. Though a boning knife could remove bones from fishes as well, the filleting knife does a better job.

The filleting knife is designed to cut through a fish with better precision than a bigger knife. It could also be used to remove scales from the fish. It is very sharp but very light hence could be used for more delicate functions with fish and smaller meat.


  • Because the fillet knife is light, it could easily be used to remove the peel and seeds from your citrus
  • It’s quite easy to slice off the skin or membrane of a tomatoes, beets, potatoes or mango using the fillet knife
  • Very safe and sharp
  • It is a delight for those with great culinary interest
  • It’s quite small and delicate
  • More of choice for home builders than singles


Santoku Knife

The Santoku knife shares some similarities with the Chef knife except that it has a more pointed tip for better precision. It could be used just like the chef knife for dicing, slicing and chopping. But unlike the Chef knife, the Santoku knife requires constant lifting up-and-down the board when chopping.

There are 2 variations: Santoku – 7″ and Petite Santoku – 5″.


  • It achieves more precision and uniform-ness when it dices or slices a food item
  • The wider blades contribute to making straighter and finer chops than the Chef knife
  • Very sharp blades
  • Santoku blades are known to become dull with time
  • Made from carbon steel and so not rust resistant


Bread Knife

The bread knife is a part of “The Big Four” and is just like the utility or serrated knife. It comes in 4″ to 7″ in length and has a narrow serrated blade. It has a triple-riveted but narrow handle.

Best suitable for slicing meat, seafood, poultry food and of course bread and cakes.


  • A perfect tool for slicing through fruits, bread, and cakes delicately without running them
  • It could be used to peel the outer layer of fresh fruit and even tomatoes, pineapples and eggplants
  • The serrated bread knife is a better choice when compared to Western knives for slicing and dicing purposes
  • Sharpening the knife is best left to professionals to keep it serrated, meaning additional cost always


Carving Knife

The carving knife is similar to the chef knife but thinner than the chef knife. It measures between 8″ to 15″ depending on the manufacturer.

It is a great tool or slicing of meat and large food items hence it has a long sharp blade to allow for more precision in cutting.

They include:

  • Carver – 9″
  • Petite Carver – 6-3/4″
  • Santoku Style Carver – 8″


  • Great tool for slicing a wide variety of roasted beef, poultry foods, and ham
  • Very efficient in slicing larger fruits and vegetables too
  • Different shades of the knife could be used for either hot meat or cold meets
  • It could be used to de-bone meat
  • Very sharp and reliable blades
  • Best suitable for culinary experts as it’s not an everyday knife
  • Narrow handle and blade make it delicate for an ordinary user
  • Requires a lot of caution to avoid hurt and ensure safety


Additional types

Palette Knife

A palette knife is not a knife meant for cutting. It functions like spatula used by caterers and those in the confectionary industry when baking cakes.

It is a flat knife with a rounded tip and a broad non-sharp blade. The edges are not sharp because it is not used primarily for slicing or dicing.

It is used mainly to smoothen and lift icing sugar and other floury substances when icing a cake or working with flour. It has a thin blade of about 14 inches which allows you have a great spread.


  • It is an excellent choice when spreading icing on cakes
  • Does a neater and smoother job than using your hands to spread frosting
  • It could be utilized for a spread when making sandwiches and pastry
  • Very easy to maintain and for safe keeping
  • Mostly suitable for caterers and those in the confectionary industry


Cheese Knife

There are several kinds of knives for different occasions. The cheese knife is just the perfect knife for that time when your guests need to spread some cheese on their bread or meal.

You can have either soft or hard cheese at any time, but the sharper knives are best for harder cheese. Cheese knives are usually perforated around the blade to avoid sticking.

The cheese knife usually has a rounded tip used for spreading the cheese. Cheese knives include:

  • Mini-cheese knife
  • Traditional cheese knife
  • Santoku style cheese knife


  • It’s an absolute requirement for any event involving the use of cheese
  • Carefully designed to reduce sticking of cheese to the blade
  • Does not require so much sharpness to be effective
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Must have for restaurant
  • It requires proper maintenance to get the best value always
  • Space management might be a factor for some users when considering multiple knives

The design of a knife varies based on the values placed by the manufacturer. It also depends on the years of extensive research on what the needs of the food industry are. Some manufacturers place more emphasis on the quality of the blade; ergonomically triple-riveted handle and more. Other manufacturers consider the aesthetic values derivable from the product.

Best Kitchen Knives 2017

 Knife NameKnife TypeWeightSpecial Features 
1Wustof Classic Ikon 3-1/2 inchParing4.2 ouncesHigh-carbon stainless steel
Triple riveted handle
2Victorinox Swiss Army 6 inch Fibrox ProBoning5.6 ouncesThin blade with enhanced flexibility
High-carbon stainless steel
3Mercer Culinary YanagiFilleting/ Sushi10.2 ouncesRazor-sharp blades
Wooden handle for perfect control
4Mercer Culinary Genesis 7-InchSantoku8.8 ouncesErgonomic Santoprene handles
High-carbon German stainless steel
5Victorinox 8 Inch Fibrox ProChef's10.4 ouncesErgonomic non-slip handle
Multipurpose chef’s knife
6Victorinox 10.25 Inch Fibrox Pro CurvedBread7.2 ouncesCurved blade
Serrated edge for easy slicing
7Mercer Cutlery Genesis 8-InchCarving9.1 ouncesErgonomic Santoprene handles
High-carbon German stainless steel
8J.A. Henckels International 8-pc SetSteak14.4 ouncesLarge + small serrations
Three rivet handle

1. Best Paring Knife – Wusthof Classic Ikon 3-1/2-Inch Paring Knife

paring knife

The Wusthof Classic Ikon knife is an excellent product designed to make it easy to mince, slice or cut onions and herbs.

This high carbon German stainless steel provides one of the best cutting edge technology with double bolsters and tang. It ensures you cut through vegetables and more hassle-free.

The triple-riveted handle added to its patterned design eliminates any worries about its grip and comfort to hold when cutting through food items.

  • Best choice for cutting and slicing through fruits and vegetables
  • High carbon tempered stainless steel adds to keep blade’s sharpness for precision and steadiness
  • It’s smallness makes it easier to maneuver with small food items when peeling the lemon, cherries, etc.
  • Patterned and ergonomically friendly handles helps improve the knife’s grip
  • The handle is quite small and so most suitable for chopping than for peeling
  • Could be a bit slippery and result in a bad grip due to small handle

2. Best Boning Knife – Victorinox Swiss Army 6 Inch Fibrox Pro Boning Knife

boning knife

The Victorinox Swiss Army 6 inches Fibrox knife, Knick-named flexible-straight brings a high degree of professionalism into your kitchen.

When it’s time to de-bone your poultry, fish or meat, then you would appreciate the flexibility and ease with which the Victorinox gets you going.

It’s an innovative piece with a superior ‘S’ shape edge to ensure a smooth separation of the meat from the bones.

Endorsed by the NSF, the Fibrox handle provides excellent comfort when you grip experiencing little pressure to wrists while deboning.

  • It offers a lightweight but high-quality European steel for easy maneuvering
  • Structurally designed to increase sharpness but reduce stress on wrist
  • Also very useful in removing the skin from meat cut through joints and cartilage
  • Used by even a Professional Chef and so fits both home and commercial use
  • Due to the blades size and length, not so suitable for cutting larger sizes of beef
  • Not recommended for dishwashing

3. Best Filleting/ Sushi Knife – Mercer Culinary Yanagi Sashimi Knife

Filleting knife

Seeking for a great knife for preparing your fish or meat then this flexible Mercer Culinary Yanagi should be your best bet.

The filleting knife is designed and carefully styled with a pointed tip. Its single-edged blade so sharp it increases its flexibility in cutting through your fish or meat. It’s a perfect choice when slicing beef, fish or preparing Sushi.

  • With blades tapered to such high finish quality, it ensures precision and sharpness
  • The best option for cutting meat or fish into thin layers
  • Whatever the choice of handle, the traditional wood handle or NSF certified, you enjoy a firm grip for comfort while slicing
  • Its high-carbon grade German steel helps prevent rust or paleness of the blade
  • Makes slicing vegetables into thin pieces effortless and non-sticky
  • Very light and comfortable to use
  • It appears quite fragile and requires a clear understanding of how to use to get the best
  • Would be appreciated by mostly those who enjoy cooking

4. Best Santoku Knife – Mercer Culinary Genesis 7-Inch Santoku Knife

santoku knife

The Mercer Culinary knife is another great product from a company with years of experience in promoting food affairs.

The Genesis knife is one of the best Japanese chef knife suitable for both home and commercial use.

So many features make slicing through vegetables and meat an exciting experience with the Mercer Genesis Knife.

It offers very sharp blade due to its precision forged steel and tapered edge. Its full tang and Santoprene handle with the added bolster provides a secured handle with firm grip.

  • No worries, when dealing with your meat or veggies, just slice through easily
  • Ergonomically friendly handle creates a comfortable and exciting process with meat or vegetables
  • Firm grip, no slips even with wet or oily hands
  • Tapered edges help keep blade sharp for longer
  • High-carbon German steel prevents rust and discoloration so fast
  • Requires occasionally honing to stay sharp
  • Requires caution in handling due to sharpness

5. Best Chef’s Knife – Victorinox 8 Inch Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife

chef knife

Whether or not you are a culinary expert, the Victorinox Fibrox Pro helps keep your game up! So if in need of a knife that not only offers great pricing but delivers all round benefits in the kitchen this is your best choice.

With a Victorinox Fibro Pro, you can carry out a full range of kitchen functions both small and big and still get the best. It sharp razor is quite excellent for slicing, dicing, chopping, mincing almost anything from beef to vegetables and more.

  • It’s the perfect choice for someone without much need for several knives
  • It fits into a variety of knife required function both small and big
  • Provides excellent performance and precision in cutting due to its tapered edge
  • Enjoy firm grip even in wet or oily situations with its ergonomically friendly handle
  • Great value at such a low price
  • Not the best choice if seeking aesthetics as well
  • Made with plastic handle
  • Too light for that type

6. Best Bread Knife – Victorinox 10.25 Inch Fibrox Pro Curved Bread Knife

bread knife

For a bread knife, the ability to slice through neatly, leaving fewer crumbs is of significant interest for most people.

The Victorinox Fibrox Pro bread knife comes with a carefully tempered edge from cold-rolled steel. The Victorinox Fibrox knife is excellent at delivering with precision; slicing through your bread and leaving no crumb afterward.

Its high-carbon stainless steel helps ensure the knife remains sharp for longer.

  • The serrated edge of the blade makes for easy slicing of bread both interior and exterior without much
  • The firm handle makes slicing easier and stress-free
  • The 10.25 wavy edge blade makes for easy handling and comfort while slicing
  • Very easy to use and maintain
  • Does not require so much sharpness but delivers with precision
  • Cut through even hard bread effortlessly without leaving crumbs
  • Not a product with great aesthetic value
  • It’s quite a small sized bread knife but appropriate for home use
  • It’s a bit on the light side

7. Best Carving Knife – Mercer Cutlery Genesis 8-Inch Carving Knife

carving knife

Some of the benefits of a carving knife are that it allows you enjoy a smoother thinning process for your meat. You can also easily slice your vegetables and fruits with a carving knife. These are some of the significant benefits of the Mercer Genesis carving knife.

Mercer Culinary understands a carving knife deals with wet or oily situations, and so it’s designed for comfort and safety always.

  • The carving knife can deliver nice and precise slices due to it tapered edges and precision forged German stainless steel blade
  • The full tang and ergonomically solid handle help for a firm grip always even when wet or oily
  • The bolster is designed to help keep the blade well-stocked to the handle without a crack or falling off
  • High-carbon, no-stain German Steel helps prevent rusts or discoloration
  • An NSF certified product means Mercer Genesis meets public health standard
  • Product offers limited lifetime warranty unlike other products
  • It’s quite small for dealing with larger meat sizes

8. Best Steak Knives – J.A. Henckels International 8-pc Steak Knife Set

steak knives

The steak knife is perfect for handling different tasks in the kitchen. It is an excellent choice for dicing and trimming meat whether cold or raw.

Henckels presents eight pieces of serrated knives of 4.5-inch stainless steel blades guaranteed to provide precision in sharpness and in slicing your meat.

The stainless steel blade is rust and corrosion resistant. It is a product by a known brand and at a pocket-friendly price.

  • Its triple-riveted handles are designed to create firmness and durability without cracks
  • Hand-washing can guarantee best results against rust
  • The knives are quite sharp and thin
  • It is excellent for cutting meat
  • An affordable price
  • Both blade and handle quite small for cutting larger meat size
  • The product has some manufacturing defects with the thickness of the steel
  • Very light knives

As has been identified earlier, it is not so much as having the best knives set in 2017 alone. It is more a factor of how well you can use and manage your cutlery that would determine. Maintenance and sticking to the instructions for using your knife set would determine how well they would look in a short while.

A great kitchen relies heavily on having the right tools and using them well.

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