Best Laundry Hampers 2017

laundry hamper
Having a clean looking environment takes more than just putting things away or into a nice looking laundry hamper and away from everyone’s view. It involves a more systematic attempt to ensure things are in the right place at the right time.

Coping with laundry is one Herculean task that no one ever gets used to but having the right tools to help organize your day, or your laundry can simplify the process as if there was no stress in the first instance.

Whatever your laundry need, there is always a laundry hamper that best suits your need perfectly. From the biggest laundry basket to the smallest it’s your call. Right here is a list of Top 10 Best Laundry Hampers 2017 to choose from starting with the most recommended.

Top 10 Best Laundry Hampers 2017

 Hamper NameWeightSorterNature 
1Deco Bros Heavy Duty11.6 pounds3Cart with 3 bags on wheels
2Household Essentials9.3 pounds2Standing box hamper with lid
3Rubbermaid Configurations3.6 pounds1Foldable Single load canvas bag
4Whitmor Easycare Double Hamper1.6 pounds2Collapsible double section bag
5Seville Classic Water Hyacinth7lbs2Hand-woven oval shaped water hyacinth hamper
6Mesh Pop-Up Laundry Hamper2.4 ounces1Foldable mesh pop-up bag
7Honey-Can-Do HMP4.1 pounds1Bamboo made Square hamper
8Sterilite Ultra Square13.8 pounds6Ultra square white titanium baskets
9Easy Comfort Laundry Cart30lbs1White canvas bagged cart on wheels
10Sterilite Ultra Wheeled18.3 pounds3White titanium hamper with lid & wheels

1. Deco Bros Heavy Duty

Deco Bros Heavy Duty

Deco Bros heavy duty 3- bag hamper offers you one of the biggest laundry hamper around with three different bags in one compartment. Each bronze laundry hamper bag is detachable from the caster, meaning easy carriage.

Deco Bros offers you comfort on wheels, allowing you to stroll around the apartment picking up and stockpiling dirty laundry till the need to do the laundry arises. It suits large families perfectly and allows the user to compartmentalize the laundry experience, requiring more space to site laundry bag.

You will need more space to keep this laundry cart as it provides you with three large bags to pile your clothing and can sort them out based on requirements.

It’s a best seller with a large customer review meaning everyone loves to have a deco laundry experience with its durable canvas built, easy to carry laundry bags suitable for even commercial use.

  • Easy enough to assemble using the manufacturer’s manual
  • Each bag can be detached and taken to laundry area when necessary
  • Great customer support and response time
  • Very sturdy and washable replacement bags
  • Can’t store heavy objects inside so it does not tilt and spill the content on the ground
  • It’s a non-foldable laundry hamper

2. Household Essentials Double Hamper Laundry Sorter

Household Essentials Double Hamper Laundry Sorter

Household Essentials offer customers one of the best laundry hampers for most of your laundry needs. It is a two-compartment hamper with a strong magnetic lid component as a cover that helps ensure the closure of the bag once you open the lid. The cover could easily be taken off out of convenience and when the need arises.

Made from 100% polyester with linen inside that helps prevent moisture, the fabric offers the user a unique brown coffee linen colour that ensures natural wash of the laundry in the sorting without losing its colour and appearance.

Amongst others, the Household Essential is adjudged one of the best laundry hampers. It’s a best seller and one of the most gifted item in 2017, appreciated by customers for several reasons.

The Household Essential laundry hamper could be kept in a particular spot within the home. You can have a place to store up your dirty linen for easy removal and to take to the laundry anytime. The Household Essential laundry hamper can hold between 4 to 5 loads of dirty clothing, enough to keep dirty clothing till you are ready to do the laundry.

  • No need for assembling
  • Foldable
  • Can take between 3 – 4 loads of clothing
  • Both compartments cannot be removable from the stand
  • It does not have a handle or grip for carriage of the hamper

3. Rubbermaid Configurations

Rubbermaid Configurations

Rubbermaid configurations are another excellent design amongst laundry hampers going by its glowing tributes. The Rubbermaid Configurations are made using canvas materials and designed to make your laundry experience easier with this portable and easy to carry laundry hamper.

It is foldable and collapsible and does not occupy much space making it a lot simpler to put dirty laundry in then keep in a secluded place that would not interfere with daily activities.

Because of its very light weight, it is entirely possible to put dirty laundry and suspend the Rubbermaid hamper on a stand without fear it will buckle. With a 4.7 star review and great customer reference on the Rubbermaid configurations, it is a good buy and a best seller to be considered.

The fabric design also helps it function as a mould proof laundry hamper with a sturdy base able to withstand long time usage.

  • Durable Rubbermaid hamper
  • No fear of stains from liquid and other substance
  • Could be easily carried out or around the apartment picking up dirty clothing
  • Suitable for light or single user, not large laundry activity
  • It makes use of simple and neutral design
  • Can easily absorb stains as well as easy to clean off stains
  • Can fit into anywhere within the home or even in the closet without occupying too much space
  • Quite a good height of about 3 feet tall
  • The choice of design makes it easier to customize, creating your concept out of it
  • Not for large family size
  • Not suitable for wet clothing as it could result in repulsive odor
  • Wet clothing can weaken the base of laundry hamper being that it is a combination of cardboard on canvas
  • Not suitable for basements as dampness can spoil the laundry basket
  • It has a limited variety of colours

4. Whitmor Easycare Double Hamper

Whitmor Laundry Hamper 2

The Whitmor laundry hamper 2 might not be the biggest laundry hamper but offers one of the fantastic and appealing designs for laundry hampers with its refreshing colour combination of predominantly java brown design with cream on the upper side.

Whitmor laundry hamper comes in a two sorter compartment with printing inscription on the exterior helping you organize your laundry experience, where to put light coloured or dark coloured clothing to make for easy washing activity.

It’s mesh drawstring top and aluminium frame with handles makes for easy carriage of your laundry from one room to the other picking up dirty laundry or to do the laundry.

Whitmor laundry hamper 2, is trendy and today’s style for everyday people made from a very durable polyester fabric of very high quality and the laminated vinyl interior to allow for easy cleaning.

It’s quite easy to assemble and carry due to its lightweight. It can also hold quite a good load of clothing allowing you ample time to stockpile while making out time for your laundry chores.

  • It provides second- tier laundry solutions
  • It is foldable when necessary
  • Small and broad enough to fit into your laundry room, bedroom and just anywhere for convenience
  • Easy to clean both interior and exterior
  • Perfect for both a single user and a couple
  • Small enough to fit into a bedroom closet
  • The mesh and aluminium handle on top helps keep it straight even with loads of clothing
  • Due to the aluminium handle top, each compartment is not detachable
  • Some products have defect issues relating to the frame and wire mesh that breaks with some level of ease
  • Not suitable for a large family laundry room or needs

5. Seville Classics Water Hyacinth

Seville Classics Water Hyacinth

This gorgeous looking and uniquely designed hand woven water hyacinth hamper could be truly adjudged the best laundry basket for your laundry needs and suitable for your closet, bedroom, and laundry rooms.

It is a double compartment laundry hamper big enough to contain one load in each compartment, just sufficient for a single use or max a couple to stockpile dirty laundry till its time to do the laundry.

The Seville Classics Water Hyacinth is so easy to carry about; picking up dirty clothing and take to the laundry room, full. For easy carriage, it has two cut-in handles on both ends of the compartment as well as two laundry bags made of canvas and located inside.

The laundry bags allow you stockpile dirty close and then remove to wash clothing afterward supported in place by the steel wire frame; extending the handles to each side to keep them firm. The division, however, is only with the two laundry bags and no physical demarcation inside.

The Seville Classic Water Hyacinth is a comfort for your laundry needs, one of the most desired laundry hamper product as indicated by customers. It’s a bestseller as well as being the most gifted item amongst laundry hampers.

The Seville Classic Water Hyacinth comes with a 1-year warranty for each product but as in line with the company return policy for defective products.

  • Easy to use
  • No assembly required
  • Easy to carry
  • Made from 100% water hyacinth
  • With the lids in place, you always have a clean closet
  • Ideal for maximizing space usage
  • Quite small and better for smaller clothing items say children clothes, like those of adults, fills the hamper quite fast
  • The Velcro bags do tear after some time and need replacement
  • Could be affected by humidity if you live in a wet region and so become dampened

6. Mesh Pop-up Laundry Hamper

Mesh Pop-up Laundry Hamper

The Mesh Pop-up laundry hamper offers you a great buying decision anytime, any day. It’s a best seller with an excellent customer review ratings of 4.6-star.

The Mesh Pop-up is best suitable for single users and can fit into dormitory, bedroom, camping or laundry area. It does not require much space and allows the user the freedom to fold and keep the hamper when not in use.

It offers an opportunity for easy carriage with its prop up handles on each side, picking up dirty clothing within the residents for stockpiling or quick wash to the laundry.

The use of mesh material on the one hand of the hamper allows enough room for air, reducing likely odor from dirty clothing and moisture within.

It comes in a variety of colors with brown, white, black, monkey design by the side etc. It can serve as just the perfect gift for friends or loved one as both the price and quality makes it worth the purchase while your friends love you for it.

  • Ideal for stockpiling and keeping your clothing odorless
  • Easy to use, no manual or assembling required
  • Very portable and easy to carry around
  • Side pocket useful for keeping any small stuff like handkerchief or more
  • Very easy to store as it is foldable and does not occupy space
  • Very sturdy and can be placed on any surface without stress
  • Spacious enough opening at the top to allow one put clothes inside
  • Breathable see through fabric that lets you assess from the left side what clothing you have inside especially if looking for a particular one
  • Some come with issues of handle defect, but you can check the manufacturer’s return policy
  • Must be treated with much care as it’s a delicate hamper especially for the mesh

7. Honey-Can-Do HMP Square Wicker Hamper

Honey-Can-Do HMP Square Wicker Hamper

The Honey Can Do HMP style-named Square Wicker Hamper is a great purchase anytime. It offers a beautiful looking and a well-crafted bamboo designed basket or hampers that makes the laundry experience more than just doing the clothes right but organizing your environment right.

Its bamboo designed guarantees a durable laundry hamper for quite a long time coming as it is quite the right size to fit into your closet occupying less space in the bedroom or laundry room.

It’s so good because it has an inbuilt propped up towel on the interior to help check moisture while trying to help ensure the dirty clothing are kept in fact till you want to do your laundry.

It weights about 4.1 pounds making it not too weighty to move around when the need arise, though designed for a location. It’s better to have a regular spot for it since it does not occupy much space. More so with a dimension of 14 x 14 x 25 inches, you sure know you do not have much space to contend with when you purchase Honey Can Do HMP laundry hamper.

The amount of care put into the production of this Honey Can Do HMP laundry hamper makes it possible to offer a lifetime warranty on the product; a product built for the future not just today.

  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty in line with the manufacturer’s return policy
  • It comes with an interior laundry removal canvas for easy carriage and movement
  • Very durable product
  • The hamper does not occupy much room space
  • It’s about 3 feet tall making it simpler to accommodate more dirty clothing but still occupy less space
  • With a rectangular framework and tubing, the hamper holds well and is sturdy
  • Best suitable for a single user than for couple or large size family
  • Avoid washing the liner in a dryer as it is likely to shrink
  • Assembling instructions not too clear

8. Sterilite Ultra Square

Sterilite Ultra Square

The Sterilite Ultra Square laundry basket is an innovation in the laundry family that provides comfort and easy carriage while working. I dare say it’s the best laundry basket in the laundry hamper category for your family needs suitable for both single and family users.

The Sterilite is made from plastic, guaranteeing that water does not pass through the floor and into the basket. That helps check dampness on your clothing. It’s a technology piece by a notable brand with decade experience providing one of the best laundry basket innovations for society.

With a unit weight of 2.5lbs coupled with the firm grip handle and enforced rim on both sides, you are ensured of a stress-free laundry experience, allowing you carry even weightier clothing with ease, no fear of slips. The perforated all round body design helps keep your clothes odour-free allowing ventilation for your clothing when not ready to do your laundry. There is no reason to worry about space as with a 19 x 19 x 13.88 dimensions you got more room for other things. You can afford to keep the Sterilite square bushel out of sight and on heavier objects without worries.

The choice of white helps give a feeling of neatness, lighting up your work area and promoting hygiene.

  • Easy carriage the stairs or to the laundry area
  • Firm grip handle with rim
  • Brilliant white concept
  • Well ventilated square basket
  • Great balance on chairs or any surface
  • Durable and less bulky
  • With six pieces you can stockpile as much as possible till you are good to do your laundry, especially for large families
  • Perfect for sorting both clean and dirty laundry
  • More room space
  • Might be plastic cut outs and sharp edges due to production defects that could hurt the user if not sand down
  • Could crack if mistakenly fall down from great heights

9. Easy Comfort Laundry Cart

Easy Comfort Laundry Cart

The Easy Comfort laundry cart made a list because of its stylish nature and to say the least, it is quite a unique design when compared with a whole of what is available in the market for laundry hampers or baskets, and so it has a natural appeal especially for adventurous shoppers. It comes with a wheel and a white bag for your laundry needs.

The Easy Comfort laundry cart offers you an opportunity to get your laundry organized, sorted and shipped to the laundry in style. You can fold, stack and move around your apartment when trying to pick up dirty laundry for washing and then simply roll to the laundry if within your facility.

You can push your cart to the laundry if it is a walkable distance from your home also. So it serves more than just a laundry hamper!

It ranks as a best seller with good reviews because no doubt it’s something worth trying out but best suitable for single users, moms and so.

The tube-like metal frame of 23 x 18 x 32 cart on 1.4 wheels makes it possible to roll your laundry around instead of lifting around the house.

In case your laundry isn’t close by you can enjoy the pleasure of running your laundry to the vehicle and then off you go to the laundry.

  • Right height for folding your clothing after they dry out
  • It can hold at least 30lbs weight
  • Create comfort, style and easy movement
  • The height is very suitable for senior citizens and those with back, waist or knee issues that cannot bend much
  • It is quite easy to roll or navigate curves with the laundry cart due to its swivelling wheels
  • Wheels work perfectly on a variety of surfaces, carpets, tiles, cement, etc.
  • It has perfect height for a front loader machine
  • You can only fold for storage when you remove the white bag
  • Much care is needed in handling in order not to misplace the wheels as some keep falling off

10. Sterilite Ultra Wheeled Hamper

Sterilite Ultra Wheeled Hamper

The Sterilite Ultra wheeled hamper is a plus for your laundry needs. It comes with a carriage handle that allows for easy movement of your laundry around the apartment, into the laundry room or the waiting van.

Sterilite Ultra Wheeled Hamper takes the stress off you with its wheels that allow ease of movement, lid cover to avoid spill over of clothing and different colour variations to pick.

It is a durable perforated plastic bucket design that makes it possible to both stockpile dirty laundries till ready to take for washing without a build-up of odor in the waiting process and with wide openings to quickly drop and retrieve dirty linen stress-free.

It provides another plus for senior citizens and those with knee, waist and back issues for ease of carriage without lifting.

Your purchase comes with three hampers and three lids, making life comfortable while you work. It is a best seller suitable for both single user and family use and has got good customer reviews.

Sterilite is another great product from a well-known brand and company with decades of experience producing consumer goods for society.

  • Lovely wheels are suitable for any floor
  • Sold as three in one, which is a plus for your home, family, and friends
  • It can hold a lot of clothing
  • Easy to move around while doing your laundry also not too weighty or bulky
  • It’s durable and economical, 3 for the price of one
  • An odourless hamper that helps prevent damp in clothing through the vents on the sides
  • Easy to assemble
  • Makes it easy to manage space also
  • Not sturdy enough and cannot stand without support
  • Some might would like the option to purchase one instead of having to get three compulsorily

Buyer’s Guide

It’s been an enjoyable experience going through ten of the best laundry hamper products for 2017. Products of choice, best in their ranks, best in their category and I dare say most wanted. However, the truth remains that each shopper’s experiences and needs differ one to the other and so the ultimate guide is a great option for you.


Your preference and needs should be the underlying factor in choosing the laundry hamper that’s best suitable for you. However, there are rules when making a decision as to the best laundry hamper, the biggest laundry hamper or the best laundry basket; it’s all your choice. Here are some tips to guide your purchase decisions:

  • Do your due diligence

Like has been stated before, whatever laundry hamper you want to go for should be influenced first by what need it is going to meet. The need should be your first point of call and then check online for hampers that fit that description. I expect you will find so much online, but that could help you to begin to narrow down your search to more relevant ones based on your budget and needs.

  • Check out company’s history and product

For known brands or products they usually have a name to protect and so would be careful about the products they put out for sale. Such names are likely to offer great products and even a good return policy in case there is a product defect.

  • Check out the company’s return policy

Some companies offer a replacement if anything goes wrong with your purchase and it’s usually within a particular time frame. You can check out their return policy and if the need arises do not hesitate to contact the customer care to ask for a replacement of the defective product.

  • Reorganize your laundry area

It pays to re-organize your laundry area that way you don’t feel frustrated or pressured always. If you have kids, you can purchase laundry hampers and guide them through the process of where to keep each item so that you are litter free. It sure could be a stressful experience having to organize so much clothing.

Sort out your family laundry, have a regular place for dirty laundry, clean laundry, ready for ironing and others such that once each resident knows where each item stays, it becomes a lot easier to manage them and control the washing experience.

Your laundry supplies should be kept properly and made handy.

  • When going out to do your laundry

Hampers with canvas help to conceal odor from clothing better than lightweight mesh baskets, so it’s best to use them when taking clothes to the laundry. Hampers with handles will save you the stress of moving large laundry around, so the more you have to deal with, it is better to have a bigger hamper.

You can have multiple laundries hamper with different colours to help in sorting and differentiating your laundry, especially when trying to sort dirty laundry from clean laundry.

Laundry carts are quite helpful for moving dirty laundry to and from the Laundromat if you can afford one then it would be perfect.

  • Enjoy your laundry experience

Understand that your laundry experience is supposed to be a pleasurable one and not a death sentence. It’s never always possible to be 100% laundry free as you keep using and cleaning out. Also, if you have a large family, your laundry doesn’t always get done 100% so have a schedule, organize your laundry and then get it worked out as much as is within your means.

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