How to Hang Curtains? Common Mistakes to Avoid

how to hang curtains
Ever been faced with the need to beautify your home or office maybe for an upcoming event? Ever done or desired to have your apartment looking radiant with distinct colours particularly where your curtain is concerned? Well, then you would appreciate the importance of interior decoration and how to hang curtains.

I love colours. When I step into an interior, the first thing I get attracted to always is the curtains. For me, it says a lot about the host. Interior decoration is not only an art but a skill. Interior decor, like any other skill, could be learnt. How to hang curtains is one amongst many aspects in having an interior looking warm and inviting. It seems quite a simple task but getting it right goes beyond merely placing the drape and rails on the walls, and that’s what we intend exploring in this article.

Why Is This So Important to Know?

Your choice for a curtain is as important as how you hang the curtain. A whole lot of other factors combine to give your home the feel and look it deserves. No doubt your curtains play a significant role.

The way your curtain appears also says a lot about your taste and how much interior décor skills you’ve got.

Picking The Right Curtains

1. The length of the curtain

It is very critical to take measurements when shopping for curtains. Get the exact length, breadth, and height of the area to fit the curtain. Also, ensure to leave ample space from the window pane.

Do not make your curtains too narrow. Always provide the length of the curtain is at least 10 – 15 centimeters wider than the windows. That way, you can push the curtains sideways and still have enough space. It also helps prevent unwanted sunlight or external interference.

2. Choice of fabric

Your curtain says a lot about your environment. The feel you want to achieve, the mood you want to create in your apartment is determined majorly by your choice of fabric. In picking fabric for your curtains, there are light curtains and thick ones. The lighter shades of curtains tend to allow more daylight into the apartment.

The darker shades of curtain limit the flow of light into the apartment. While all curtains are good, they all serve a different purpose. You need a clear understanding of what purpose, tone or mood the apartment is supposed to have and then let your curtains create the ambiance you seek.

Thicker curtains help in concealing the apartment can set the tone for something more private or romantic. Lighter curtains make the apartment feel open and more formal.

3. Choosing Colour

Besides the thickness or lightness of the curtains, colours are another potent communication tool in selecting and fixing a curtain.

Lighter shades of colours for curtains tend to signal a warm and open environment while a darker shade of curtain creates a concealed and more private environment.

Also, the choice of colour for curtains varies. Beyond being light or dark, colours set the tone for an apartment. It communicates a message to anyone who steps into the room. Colours have an effect on the overall picture you will get once you step into a room.

For instance, using white for curtains create a formal setting, seriousness, and openness. Once a room has white curtains, you naturally feel like you could see yourself through as it creates a feeling of translucency.

Colours – Curtains for different Rooms or Occasions

Various types of curtains are best suitable for different rooms or apartment. For instance, a curtain for the dining, kids room (girls or boys room), restroom, living room, kitchen, etc. The choices and the functions of each curtain differ from one room to the other.

Curtains and selection of colours for kids room would usually be more colourful, carry special characters, maybe cartoon characters and more. Girls prefer bright colours like pinks, red while boys prefer blue and green. Also, colour blends are kind of interesting in a curtain.


Common mistakes on How to hang rods and curtains

1. Leaving no space between the window pane and the curtain rod

When fixing the curtain rods ensure it is a minimum of one foot higher than the window. It is better not to allow the curtain seat too close to the window.

When you leave little or, no space between the curtain and the window it makes the curtain look shorter and the room look smaller.

It further reduces the amount of room and beauty the curtain can provide for the apartment. Always hang rods and curtain high up, closer to the ceiling.

2. Your choice of curtain rods

Curtain rods come in different sizes and measurements. It is always best you know the length of rod you would require by taking a measurement of the entire floor you want to cover. Then purchase bars to fit. The rods for each curtain should be longer than the window so that the curtains can extend beyond the window or doors, eliminating sunlight when not required.

3. Having short curtains

Although for certain areas like your kitchen, bathroom, it could be appropriate when you have shorter curtains but not the living, dining or bedroom. Shorter curtains do not fit properly and tend to reduce the impact or beauty in the room. Curtains are best either some ½ or one inch to the floor or at floor length. Though longer curtains create a feeling of fullness around the floor, it’s your choice, due to space and maintenance.

Tips on getting the best hanging your curtains

  • To guide you in choosing colours for your apartment you can get a colour wheel. It helps you match the colour of the wall, ceiling, and choice of curtains.
  • You can do an experiment with colours. Get different shades of curtains in smaller sizes and then try them out to see what effect it will likely have in your apartment.
  • You can look up different curtains online to get an idea of what they will look like.
  • Plan, plan and plan ahead. It is not that simple. Hanging a curtain involves planning to avoid mistakes and get it right. A lot of measurement needs to be done before purchasing rods and the curtains.

There are so many accessories that can add to your curtains or rods. They tend to help beautify your curtain further. Some of the accessories include fittings with special designs, flowery designs and more on the rods. There are also additional fittings, lack, silk and more that could be added to the curtain to give it a great look.

If you can, purchase materials and get someone to sew you curtains as ready-made curtains are usually slimmer in width.

I do hope you find this article quite helpful and educative. For any questions, kindly leave a comment at the section provided underneath.

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